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Come with me on a thrilling odyssey as we traverse the enchanting landscapes of Brittany and Normandy, where the essence of friendship becomes the driving force behind our shared memories of travel. Feel the pulse of Paris as I immerse myself in a transformative writing course, delving into the very fabric of memoir ideas. Join me at 30,000 feet above the European skies, where the undeniable allure of a coveted window seat unveils its myriad wonders. As the journey unfolds, I invite you to delve into the poetic nuances that encapsulate my reflections on time, adding a crescendo of emotion to this exhilarating expedition. Let the pages come alive with the pulsating rhythm of exploration, weaving together the threads of camaraderie, creativity, and contemplation.

ISBN:     Ebook: 978-0-6486261-0-7

Three women, strangers, set out for a writers’ course in Paris.
Ruth: ‘To ponder a pestering dilemma through writing: Is it possible to enjoy a personal relationship at this stage of life, or will I devote my country life to tending my French garden, reading, and writing? What must be compromised?
Kaye: ‘To spend time on creative writing, something I always wanted to do. It was a hidden desire. Something deep within me knew that if I wanted to write, I needed to go to Paris.’
Vicki: ‘Travelling to Paris was an escape, an opportunity to be me without obligations as a mother, daughter, wife, or friend. To be alone with myself.’

They found much more and became the Rue Berger Writers.
These letters are a testament to the power of the pen, women, and friendship.

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This illuminating personal essay is tailored for neonatal nurses and individuals intrigued by this specialized field. It offers a compelling journey through the evolution of neonatal nursing in Australia, spanning from the early 1970s to the contemporary era, highlighting a pivotal national milestone.

Crafted by a distinguished trailblazer in neonatal nursing, the essay offers an intimate perspective on the interplay between science, research, and education in shaping newborn care. It also pays homage to the visionaries and innovators who significantly influenced this transformative journey.

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